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How to Customize Course Menu Sidebar
How to Customize Course Menu Sidebar
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Customization of the resources available for cohort's Learners in their accounts is made possible through Custom Links.

The left sidebar of Learners' accounts will showcase all these custom resources in the separate section - Resources - for easy access and seamless navigation.

How to create custom links

Go to Courses β†’ pick the course you would like to create a custom link for β†’ Custom links section:

Each course can have an unlimited number of custom links.

Custom links enable the integration of various content types, expanding the range of resources available for Learners in their accounts:

  • Embedded Notion pages

  • Links to external pages and services

  • Any type of content

How to add a Notion page to course menu sidebar

  1. Click on + Add menu link and choose Notion page on Custom menu links page.

2. Set the Notion page to published on the web in Notion β†’ Share β†’ Publish. The page should have the status "This page is live on the web".

3. Copy the web link from Notion page and insert it in Notion page url field

How to add external pages and services to course menu sidebar

Use Custom link option in Custom menu links tab to add links to any external pages and services (e.g. Slack workspace, YouTube etc.):

How to add custom content to course menu sidebar

Use Content option in Custom menu links tab to add any other type of content to course menu sidebar that does not fall under Notion page or external page and service:

Content type of Custom links has a comprehensive editor that allows building a well-structured content with tables, lists, checklists, subheadings etc. as well as incorporating:

  • attachments

  • images and videos

  • Looms

  • Google Docs and Forms

  • Typeforms

  • Miro boards

  • Calendly scheduling pages

  • Figma pages and many more.

How can I see custom links in my account?

As an Instructor or Admins, you cannot see added custom links in your account on the left sidebar, only Learners can.

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