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Course: Intro and Navigation
Course: Intro and Navigation
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Course is a single place where you can seamlessly oversee your live courses and training programs, ensuring the optimal learning experience for your Learners and a streamlined management experience for your Instructors.

A course provides comprehensive functionality including:

  • Program creation with assignments and quizzes

  • Instructor and Learner management

  • Timetable setup for Learners

  • Assignment review

  • Learner progress tracking

  • Keeping additional materials in one place

  • Feedback collection

  • Per-course integrations setup

  • Customized menu bar for easy access to extra materials and tools by Learners.

Courses provide a Quick Start guide - a step-by-step resource designed to simplify course setup and ensure a seamless course launch. Follow the tips on the Quick Start page to get up and running effortlessly.

How to navigate a course

Program is a fundamental collection of learning materials, structured within the learning curriculum through activities - lessons, webinars, assignments and quizzes. Learners are required to successfully complete these activities to finish the course.

Optimize your course content by embedding multiple tools. Learn more on creating assignments and quizzes.

Calendar allows scheduling all activities specified in the Program and create live session events for Learners.

Make most of webinars by connecting your Zoom account for automatic meeting rooms creation and meeting recordings.

Files section serves as a course-based Files Library. All files uploaded in this section will be duplicated in main Files Library in Courses folder:

Check Files Library article to learn how files management works on the platform.

Participants: Learners tab enables the management of the learner group that is expected to complete the course.

Participants: Instructors tab defines instructors responsible for guiding Learners through the course and reviewing learner submissions to assignments.

The Assignment page serves as a platform for reviewing learner submissions and tracking assignment progress on a per-learner basis.

Check How to Review Learners' Submissions article to learn more on working with assignments.

The Score section provides the the comprehensive board for tracking the Learner progress through the course. It provides the completion status for all activities in the course - lessons, webinars, assignments, quizzes, and peer review.

Learn more in Score: How to Track Learner Progress article.

Feedback tab is designed for gathering insights and thoughts from Learners on the Lessons and Webinars they have completed, helping to improve your learning content and process. Check out How to Gather Learner Feedback article for more.

Custom links allow to customize the resources and tools available for Learners in their accounts.

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