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How to Create and Manage Assignments
How to Create and Manage Assignments

Guide on creating and editing Assignments as a part of the program within EducateMe platform

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An Assignment within the EducateMe platform is a task included as part of a program activity, such as a Lesson or a Webinar, that Learners are expected to complete to progress in the program.

How to create an assignment

Go to the Program on the Course page → find Assignment tab in the newly created or previously existing activity:

Pro tip

You may also create new assignments on Assignments Kanban board.

Important: This action makes this assignment visible to the current cohort but does not add it to the program.

Add Title, Content and Additional Files from your local disk or from the pre-uploaded library.

Content field is flexible and supports different types of content:

  • Multiple-layer headings

  • Links

  • Attachments

  • Tables

  • Lists

  • Code Snippets

  • Checklists

  • and multiple Embeds such as YouTube, Loom, Vimeo, Google Forms, Typeforms etc.

How to set the Opening Date in assignments

Additional Settings under the main assignment fields allow setting Opening Date and Deadline.

Opening Date sets the start time when Learners can start accessing and working on the assignment.

  • After the lesson
    By default, these settings apply to all newly created assignments. The opening date corresponds to when the lesson becomes accessible to Learners.
    Note: In case assignments were created within a webinar activity, the opening date will be set as the time when the webinar concludes.

  • Exact time
    This option allows choosing the custom date and time for opening the assignments to Learners. This time can be set forward or backward from the scheduled activity.

For a detailed review of the Opening Date settings from the Learner's perspective, check out this Loom video:

How to manage deadlines for an assignment

Deadline is not mandatory and is disabled by default. If you would like to set a deadline for an assignment, use the toggle and choose:

  • Exact time
    This option allows picking the custom date and time as the deadline.

  • Period
    You can set the duration after the assignment is opened, during which Learners are expected to complete it.
    Note: This settings is tightly dependent on the Opening Date settings:

How Learners can check deadlines for assignments

Learners can check the deadline in four ways:

  1. Dashboard:

  • Dashboard offers a detailed overview on all activities and events Learners are expected to complete and attend respectively

Learn more on Learner Dashboard in Overview of Learner Dashboard article.

2. Calendar:

  • Assignments with deadlines are automatically added to the Calendar.

  • These are highlighted in yellow on the set deadline day.

3. Assignment Page:

  • On the Assignment Page, the deadline is displayed in a precise date and time format under the Assignment title.

4. Kanban Board:

  • Assignments with deadlines are marked with the time icon and indicate the number of days remaining until the deadline.

How to delete an assignment

Go to Program on the Course page → Assignment tab of the chosen activity. You will find Delete assignment button at the very bottom of the assignment edit page.

Important: Assignment deletion cannot be undone.

How to view all assignments for a Course

Go to the Course page → Assignments → All Assignments:

This page allows reviewing Opening Date, Deadline and participants of this assignments as well as offers a quick access to Assignment Edit page.

Important: Deleting an assignment on this page will permanently remove it from the program.

How to create a group assignment

Group Assignment implies that a group of Learners works together on completing the task.
Set the Assignment type to Group Assignment in Advanced Settings:

Group Assignments will be allocated to Learner Groups of the course.

Important: For Learners to access group assignments, the group should be set as "public".

Check out How to Review Learners' Submissions to learn about the submissions review process.

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