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Score: How to Track Learner Progress
Score: How to Track Learner Progress
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Score section offers a comprehensive overview for monitoring the Learners' progress throughout the course. It details the completion status of all activities and its components - lessons, webinars, assignments, quizzes, and peer reviews.

Navigate to Score page in the course menu to review the Learners' progress:

Click on the image to start interactive demo πŸ‘†πŸ»

Statuses are updated in the real time.

The board displays all program components organized under distinct table headers:

  • Modules positioned at the top

  • Activities by type: lesson, webinar, or peer review

  • Components of each activity: lesson/webinar content, quiz, and assignment.

Note: The board will show only those components that have been added to the activity in the program. Example, the activity may feature only the content component if no quiz and assignment have been created.

Learn how to add activities and quizzes/assignments to the program in Program: How to Craft the Learning Content.

Customize the table view according to your preferences by using:

  • the Columns section:

  • the Activities filer:

Score page serves a dual purpose, enabling not just the Learners' progress tracking but also facilitating the review of submitted assignments and quizzes. Click on the quiz/assignment status on Score page to open and review the Learner's submission.

Learn how to do the submissions review in How to Review Quizzes and How to Review Learners' Submissions.

How to track the learner progress rate in the table

The Score table gathers the statistics of each learner progress in the course and displays it in percentage as the the completion rate. This rate:

  • is calculated based on the all activities that you currently see in the table.

  • adjusts according to the chosen Columns and Activities filters. E.g. you can check the progress rate for webinars only by using Activities filter that will adjust the rate.

  • is updated in the real time.

Navigate to Statistics column to check overall learner progress in the course:

How to export the learner progress in the table

Navigate to Score page, filter the view by Columns and/or Activity if needed, and click Export button in the top-right corner:

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