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How to Review Quizzes
How to Review Quizzes
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Unlike Assignments, quizzes are structured to undergo automated reviewing through predefined correct answers.

Quiz with single choice and/or multiple choice question types only

Such quizzes are automatically reviewed according to the predefined correct answers in single choice and/or multiple choice questions. Learners can see the their final result and correct answers once they complete the quiz:

Instructors are able to view the quiz submissions in Course β†’ Score:

Quiz with free text question types

If the quiz contains at least one question of free text type, this would require additional review by Instructors. Learners receive the interim results for their quiz submission upon completing the quiz until the Instructor reviews the free text answers. Such questions are marked as Waiting for review:

Instructors are expected to review Learners' submissions to free text quiz questions. Quizzes that require Instructor's review on free text questions are marked with exclamation mark on Course β†’ Score page:

Instructors can mark the Learner's submission to the free text question as Correct or Incorrect and add additional note if needed:

The final completion rate for such quizzes will be adjusted once all free text questions are reviewed by Instructors.

Can I set the custom opening date for a quiz?

No, the opening date for a quiz is based on the opening date and time of the associated lesson or the date and time when the webinar is scheduled to finish.

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