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How to Review Learners' Submissions
How to Review Learners' Submissions

Guide on the process of reviewing Learners' Submissions for Assignments

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Submissions are the Learners' resolutions to Assignments that they are required to submit in order to successfully complete the Program.

How to ensure all submissions are reviewed by Instructors

By default all assignments are set to require review from Instructors, which is the standard setting for all newly created assignments.

To disable mandatory submissions' review, go to Assignment Advanced Settings on Program page in the course:

If Requires Review option is disabled, Learners' submissions will be automatically marked as Done upon submitting their solutions.

Important: Submitting solutions for all assignments remains mandatory to complete the course.

How to assign Instructors for submissions review

Instructor's role implies reviewing Learners' submissions for assignments within the assigned course.

To enhance the review process, separate Instructors may be assigned to review submissions for individual assignments:

How to find Learners' submissions for assignments

  • Instructors

Navigate to the Assignments page located on the main menu bar to view all assignments from multiple courses OR Course β†’ Assignments page to view assignments for a single course:

Pro tip

Make sure to choose the correct Course in the top right dropdown menu when navigating from the main menu.

  • Admins

Navigate to Course page β†’ Assignments

Learners' submissions Kanban Board

Learners' submissions are conveniently organized on the Kanban Board featuring the following statuses for easy tracking:

  • Re-do

  • In Progress

  • In Review

  • Done

Click on the image to start interactive demo πŸ‘†πŸ»

Important: Submissions from Learners automatically transition to the "In Progress" status once they have at least opened and reviewed the assignment.

Instructors and Admins have the ability to efficiently manage Learners' submissions by easily drag&drop'ing submission cards between statuses.

Important: Assignments that Learners have not yet started working on are not visible on this Kanban Board.

Learners' submissions table view

The table view of all Learners' submissions is an alternative to the Kanban Board. You may switch to this table view in the top right corner of Assignments page:

Unlike the Kanban Board, the table view presents a comprehensive overview of submissions' statuses and statistics for the total submissions count per Learner.

The table view for submissions offers the ability to filter them by tags and assignments, and it can be exported in CSV file format if there is a need to have the statistics available at hand:

How to assess Learners' submissions

During the review process of Learners' submissions, instructors have access to all the necessary information, including:

  • assignment content

  • deadline

  • tags

  • the lesson or webinar content one click away

Instructors can provide valuable assistance to Learners in optimizing their assignments by:

  • leaving comments

  • uploading files, e.g. solution examples

  • recording Looms

  • sending back for improvements

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