How to Create Quizzes
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Quiz is a component of the activity - Lesson or Webinar - serving as a rapid tool to assess and reinforce the materials presented to Learners within the activity content or during the live session.

Navigate to Program on the Course page → pick the activity → Quiz → Create Quiz:

The Quiz can encompass any number of questions. Questions can come in three varieties:

  • single choice

  • multiple choice

  • free text

There is no limit to the number of answer options you can add for single choice and multiple choice questions:

Once Quiz is saved, it is automatically designated as a draft and remains hidden from Learners until it's set live. Use toggle to change the quiz status:

Note: Editing the quiz is not possible anymore once at least one Learner submits their answers.

Note: The Quiz opening date corresponds to the opening date of the associated lesson or the time when the associated webinar is scheduled to finish.

Check how different types of quiz questions impact the quiz scoring and review in How to Review Quizzes article

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