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User Roles & Permissions
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Platform users can hold one of three roles: Admins, Instructors, or Learners.
Admins and Instructors constitute a Team.


Admins have the full access to all platform functionality that enables them to manage the whole organization. This includes but is not limited to:


Instructors have a focused role that revolves around managing their assigned courses. Their permissions include:

  • full management of assigned courses, including the ability to create new live sessions and assignments. Refer to How to Manage the Team article for guidance on assigning Instructors to courses

  • creation of new courses

  • access to editing or viewing the Files Library (if enabled by Admins).

Important: Instructors are usually responsible for reviewing Learners' submissions to assignments. See details here.

Check How to Invite the Team article to learn more about building the team.


Learners are invited to the platform by Instructors and/or Admins and are expected to go through the assigned learning content. Learners have a limited access to platform functionality and the learning content but can:

  • access the assigned learning content and download the attached files

  • join the scheduled live sessions and view the session recordings

  • complete assignments and quizzes

  • leave feedback to the learning content and live sessions

  • engage with their peer learners via in-app communication channels

  • access and download Files Library (if enabled by Admins/Instructors).

For easier Learner onboarding, navigate to For Learners Help Center.

Can a user have two different roles at the same time?

Yes, user can have two accounts with different roles. We recommend to use different emails for accounts within one organization.

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