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How to Gather Learner Feedback
How to Gather Learner Feedback
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Feedback functionality allows gathering insights and thoughts from Learners on the Lessons and Webinars they have completed, helping to improve your learning content and process.

How to ensure learners share their feedback

You may request Learners to leave feedback for each Lesson and Webinar activity once these are completed or took place respectively.

Go to Activity Settings in Course Program to ensure that Ask students for feedback about the activity option is enabled:

Note: This setting is enabled by default for all newly created activities in the program

Learners are then asked to leave feedback - their rating and comments - once a Webinar is over or they complete a Lesson:

How to review feedback

  • Go to Feedback tab on the left side bar:

  • Set filters per period, programs, courses and reactions. You can choose multiple programs, courses and reactions at once.

  • Commented feedback is sorted chronologically - from the newest on the top to the oldest on the bottom.

Note: Instructors can review feedback only to courses they're assigned to.

How to review feedback for a lesson or webinar

  • in Program

You can review feedback for each separate Lesson and Webinar in the Program by heading to Programs β†’ Lessons Overview β†’ Feedback tab in an Activity:

Feedback tab in an Activity displays feedback from all cohorts throughout the entire period.

  • in Feedback

Alternatively, the per-activity feedback can be reviewed on Course Feedback page. Navigate to the course β†’ Feedback page on the left side bar:

What is the satisfaction rate?

Satisfaction rate is displayed graphically with the percentage and represents the CSAT score to gauge the learner satisfaction and continuously enhance the courses.

This CSAT score is derived using the following formula:

(all positive feedback / all responses received) * 100

Can I make feedback mandatory in the program or the cohort?

No. Feedback is totally optional for Learners.

Why I cannot see who left the feedback?

Learners have an ability to make their ratings and comments anonymous. This option cannot be disabled by Admins and/or Instructors.

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