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How to Launch a Self-Paced Course
How to Launch a Self-Paced Course
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What is a self-paced course?

Self-paced course allows Learners to have the flexibility to learn at their own pace, without being bound by traditional schedules or strict timelines. In a self-paced learning environment, Learners have the flexibility to determine when and how quickly they move through the content, allowing for a more personalized and adaptable learning experience.

EducateMe platform makes configuring this type of adaptable learning environment a straightforward process.

How to organize a self-paced course?

1. Create a new course in your EducateMe workspace

Navigate to Course page and use Create course button.
You may use AI or the templates to help you with the basic course set-up. Learn more in How to Create and Manage Courses

2. Add activities and organize them into modules

Navigate to the Program page and click Add new to add new modules and/or activities to the program:

Pro tip for self-paced courses:
Since you're building the self-paced course, it's advisable to focus primarily on Lessons only in the program.

Webinars are better suited for cohort-based or event-series courses, where real-time interaction and engagement are key components.

3. Define content access type

In crafting your self-paced course, it's unlikely that you'll incorporate scheduled activities on the calendar. Instead, define how Learners should access the content of the program as they progress through the course at their own pace.
Navigate to General for Access type settings to define how Learners should access the learning content:

The following access types are available:

  • All activities are available
    Learner can access all lessons in the course anytime.

  • Current and previous modules' activities are available
    Learner can access all lessons within an opened module. Activities in the next module become available once all activities in the current one are completed.

  • Current and previous activities are available
    Learner can access all lessons by completing them one-by-one in the order they're arranged in the program

Pro tip for self-paced courses:

  • Avoid using webinars as they are not aligned with the nature of self-paced learning.

  • Lessons are not typically scheduled in the calendar in self-paced courses to preserve the flexibility that learners expect in a self-paced environment.

4. Invite Learners

A self-paced structure enables the use of a single course for all Learners, regardless of when they join. Learners won't miss any content, as they can progress through the material at their own pace and at a time that suits them best.

Navigate to Learners page to invite the Learners to the course:

Due to the self-paced learning structure, Learners can access the course content immediately upon accepting the invitation.

To get the full experience of the self-paced course, consider:

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