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How to Create and Manage Courses
How to Create and Manage Courses
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How to create a course

Course can be created using one of three methods:

  • Manual creation
    This approach involves defining essential course elements such as the title, duration, number of modules, types of activities, and creating assignments manually. While it requires more effort, it provides the utmost flexibility to tailor the course precisely to your requirements.

  • AI-powered generation
    With this method, you provide a precise and detailed description of the core concept of the course, and AI will assist in generating the course syllabus. It streamlines the process and leverages artificial intelligence for efficiency.

  • Template-based creation
    Utilize one of our suggested templates to kickstart your course creation process. These templates serve as a solid foundation that you can later customize and adapt to meet your specific needs.

To start with any of these methods, navigate to Courses → Create course:

You can also duplicate an existing course. See below how.

How to fill up a course

After creating a course, our Quick Start Guide will lead you through the step-by-step process of launching it:

October 10, 2023 1:57:01 pm - Screenshot

For a comprehensive course overview, refer to Course: Intro and Navigation article.

You have the option to leave the Quick Start Guide and explore the course independently. Utilize the left side panel to return back to the guide:

How to manage course settings

Courses can be customized by:

Navigate to General tab to adjust these settings:

How to limit access to the course

When a course's learning phase is finished, there are various ways to control learner access and retire the course from active status:

  • Mark the course as finished
    This is the safest option because learners will retain access to the course but won't be considered active, ensuring it doesn't affect the subscription. The course is removed from the list of active courses but remains accessible to Admins and Instructors.

  • Mark the course as suspended

    Learners will lose access to the course and won't be considered active. The course is removed from the list of active courses but remains accessible to Admins and Instructors.

  • Delete the course
    This action fully removes the course from the organization and makes inaccessible for all parties.

Important: Delete course action cannot be undone.

To use these settings, navigate to General tab:

How to duplicate the course

To use the program of an existing course for another course, consider using the Duplicate action. Navigate to Courses page → three dots on the course you'd like to copy from → Duplicate course:

This action duplicates:

  • modules and activities (mandatory)

  • course cover image and course title (can be edited)

  • assignments and quizzes

Note: This action does not duplicate the calendar schedule, learners and instructors.

How to synchronize courses

You can synchronize course programs, allowing any changes made in one course to be automatically mirrored in another. This synchronization covers modules, activities, assignments, quizzes, and their respective content.

Note: Synchronization is available for duplicated courses only.

To ensure the course programs are synchronized, toggle on Synchronise programs when duplicating the course:

The synchronization can be disabled at any time in General settings:

Note: This Unsynchronize action cannot be undone.

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