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How to Set Up Zapier Integration
How to Set Up Zapier Integration
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Zapier integration acts as a helpful agent that allows connecting the EducateMe platform to over 6000 tools to automatize your internal learning management processes based on the set list of triggers.

Integration app is available on Zapier apps marketplace:

How to set up the integration

  • Go to Organization SettingsAPI integration and click Get started in Zapier:

    Alternatively, log in Zapier account and navigate to Apps to find EducateMe app:

  • Click Connect button to open authorization window where you'll be asked to provide your EducateMe API key.

    Navigate to Organization SettingsAPI integration on EducateMe platform to get your API key.

  • Once authorized, begin crafting various automations, ranging from straightforward to more complex setups, to streamline the management of the learning process.

    E.g. get notified via email every time a new learner joins your course:

Pro tip: Use templates to facilitate the set-up:


A trigger is an event that starts a Zapier automation.

New Course

Triggers when a new course is created in the organization.

New Student

Triggers when a new learner was added to the course.


An action is an event a Zapier automation performs.

Create Course

Creates a new course in the organization.

Invite Learner

Invites a learner to the organization.

Unassign Learner

Unassigns a learner from the course based.

Find Course

Finds an active course in the organization.

Find or Create Courses

Finds an active course in the organization. Creates if not found.

Looking for more triggers or actions?

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