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How to Set Up Google Calendar Integration
How to Set Up Google Calendar Integration
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Instructors can connect their Google Calendars to their EducateMe accounts in order to:

  • Synchronize all live sessions that they have on their EducateMe accounts with their Google Calendars.

  • Ensure any updates (title, time etc.) related to live sessions are instantly duplicated in their Google Calendars.

  • Be informed of newly added meetings on the platform; these new live sessions will appear in their Google Calendars as well.

  • Know when the meeting was removed from a calendar on the platform. It will be automatically deleted from the Google Calendar as well.

Here you may find the instructions for Learners on connecting their Google Calendars.

How to Connect Google Calendar to EducateMe account

  • via Calendar page

Instructors can connect their Google Calendars by heading to Calendar page on the left sidebar → Sync with Google Calendar in the top right corner:

Ensure EducateMe is given access to see, create, change and delete event in Google Calendar:

  • via Profile settings

Google Calendar can alternatively be connected via Profile settings by heading to Profile → Integrations:

Goggle Calendar events will contain the link to join EducateMe sessions:

How to Delete Google Calendar Integration

Head to Profile → Integrations → Disconnect:

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