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For Learners: How to Set Up Google Calendar Integration
For Learners: How to Set Up Google Calendar Integration
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Integrating Google Calendar with your EducateMe account provides the following benefits:

  • Seamless Synchronization: All your live sessions within your EducateMe account seamlessly sync with your Google Calendar.

  • Real-Time Updates: Any changes, such as title or timing, in your live sessions are immediately mirrored in your Google Calendar.

  • Instant Notifications: You'll be promptly notified of newly added meetings on the platform, with these live sessions appearing in your Google Calendar.

  • Automatic Removal: If a meeting is deleted from your EducateMe account, it will be automatically removed from your Google Calendar, ensuring an up-to-date schedule.

How to Connect Google Calendar to EducateMe account

  • via Calendar page

Connect your Google Calendars by heading to Calendar page on the left sidebar → Sync with Google Calendar in the top right corner:

Ensure EducateMe is given access to see, create, change and delete event in Google Calendar:

  • via Profile settings

Google Calendar can alternatively be connected via Profile settings by heading to Profile → Integrations:

Goggle Calendar events will contain the link to join EducateMe sessions:

How to Delete Google Calendar Integration

Head to Profile → Integrations → Disconnect:

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