How to Set Up Slack Integration
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Slack <> EducateMe integration allows delivering notifications to a designated Slack channel, ensuring Learners stay informed about crucial course milestones.

Currently, Slack integration accommodates the following notification types:

  • Assignment Deadline:
    to notify Learners that the assignment deadline is less than 12 hours away.

  • Upcoming Webinar:
    to inform Learners that the live sessions starts within 15 minutes.

  • Feedback Reminder for Webinar:
    to ask Learners to share their feedback on attended webinar.

The Slack integration is configured on a per-course basis:

  1. Navigate to the specific course and access the Integration Settings β†’ Connect to Slack from the left menu bar

2. Select the channel from your Slack workspace in the dropdown menu where the integration will dispatch notifications

3. Send a test notifications to check if the integration is well-set using Test Integration button

Once the test notification came through, Learners in Slack channel will start receiving course notifications:

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