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How to Сustomize the Platform
How to Сustomize the Platform

This article describes the means of creating the branded experience for your Learners.

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The EducateMe platform empowers you to establish your company's identity by incorporating customed colours, fonts, logos and more, ultimately elevating your brand presence and leaving a lasting impression on your learners community.

The same works for the Log In page - it's getting customized per your set colours, logo etc.

Custom branding can be set by Admins in Company Settings:

The following customization is available:

  • primary colour - for buttons and UI elements

  • the style of primary and secondary buttons

  • logo

  • fonts for titles and subtitles as well as common text elements

How to connect own domain

1. Define domain and subdomain that will be used for EducateMe platform

Example domain:, where ****app is a subdomain and is a domain

2. Log in to your Domain Provider and find the Manage DNS page.

3. Create a new record with the following details:

  • Type - CNAME

  • Name - app - subdomain name (check the first point)

  • Value - - the record value. This value is connected to our servers and allows to add a mapping from your DNS to our server

4. Once all steps are completed, send an email to with your domain and subdomain values.

The full process of domain assigning may take a few hours depending on your DNS provider.

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