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How to Issue Certificates to Learners
How to Issue Certificates to Learners
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Certificate activity in the program has been designed to allow instructors to acknowledge the successful course completion by Learners.

Learners have the option to download their certificates, share the direct link to them, and even post them on social media platforms:

How to upload pre-created certificates for Learners

  • Navigate to Program page of the course β†’ Add new β†’ Certificate:

  • Design the content that will be shown to learners when they navigate to the certificate activity and (optionally) set the opening date in Settings.

Note: If no opening date set, certificates become available to Learners once they complete all activities in the course program.

  • Upload the pre-created certificates for each Learner that should receive the certificate

Note: Learners will only see certificate activity if instructors have uploaded certificates for them. Those Learners without uploaded certificates won't see this activity in the course program.

  • Track Learners who have completed the course and accessed their certificates in Issued certificates tab. The status remains "Not issued" until the Learner generates their certificate, which was uploaded by instructors in advance.

How Learners can access their certificate

Click on the image to start interactive demo πŸ‘†πŸ»

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