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Program: How to Craft the Learning Content
Program: How to Craft the Learning Content
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The program of the course consists of the different activity types - lessons and webinars - that together contribute to a comprehensive educational experience.

See Activity Types: Lessons & Webinars article to understand the distinctions between lessons and webinars

1. Create a program

The program serves as the course syllabus, outlining the required milestones for learners to advance in the course and delivering the necessary learning materials.

To check and create a course program, navigate to the course page β†’ Program on the left side bar:

Your program may already include modules and activities if it was generated using AI or a template. See details on course creation here.

2. Add activities and organize them into modules

The program can consist of the following activities organized into modules:

Click Add new to add new modules and/or activities to the program:

3. Add content in activity editor

Add the learning content for all activities in the program:

  • use visuals like videos, images and tables.

  • add Notion pages

  • embed external tools and content from Google tools, Figma, Miro etc.

  • upload additional files etc.

4. Schedule activities

To set up activities for specific dates and times, utilize the Schedule lesson or Schedule webinar feature found on the activity content page:

Alternatively, schedule activities on the Calendar to have a full view of the course schedule and automatize the scheduling process. Learn more in Course Calendar: How to Schedule Activities article.

​Scheduling webinars is mandatory.
​Scheduling lessons is optional and depends on your preferred learning approach.

Explore various approaches to scheduling and delivering learning content to learners by checking out the Course Activity Access Types article.

5. Create assignments

Navigate to Assignment tab within the activity to craft an assignment designed to assess learners' understanding of the material:

Consider adding Peer Review as a separate activity if you'd like Learners to do the peer review on their assignment submission instead of Instructors review.
Explore How to Launch Peer Review

6. Create quizzes

Navigate to Quiz tab to create an automatic/semi-automatic tool to assess Learners' material comprehension:

7. Improve the learning material

Use Feedback section to improve the learning material based on Learners' feedback

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