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Activity Types: Lessons, Webinars, Peer Review & Certificate
Activity Types: Lessons, Webinars, Peer Review & Certificate
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Completing the course program involves adding activities like Lessons and Webinars. These formats serve specific roles in the learning process, contributing to a comprehensive educational experience.


Lessons consist of diverse content elements centered around a common topic. Their purpose is to furnish learners with the necessary information to acquire comprehensive knowledge on that subject.

Lesson editor on the platform allows to incorporate different types of content:

  • plain text

  • images & videos

  • tables & lists

  • files as attachments

  • YouTube and Vimeo videos

  • Notion pages

  • pages from Google tools like Sheets, Docs, Forms and Slides

  • and many more including different embeds.

Learners are encouraged to review the material and click the Complete Activity button when they believe they have grasped the content.

To verify the learners' understanding of the material, consider crafting assignments and quizzes for each lesson. Learn more in How to Create and Manage Assignments and How to Create Quizzes Help Center articles.


Similarly to Lessons, Webinars also:

  • are a part of the program that learners are expected to complete to progress in the course.

  • can have different types of content for Learners.

  • can have assignments and/or quizzes.

However, webinars are live events designed to occur as scheduled within the course calendar, enhancing engagement and interactivity for learners.

Webinars are live events taking place via online video conferencing service, unlike Lessons that are a gathering of the learning content.

Explore how to connect one of video conferencing service to the platform for conducting webinars in How to Set Up Zoom Integration Help Center article.

Make sure to schedule your webinars on Calendar page to keep Learners informed about when to participate in these events:

Peer review

Peer review is a collaborative learning activity where Learners assess and provide feedback on their peers' assignment submissions, distinguishing it from instructor-led review.

Incorporate peer review into the course program for the following purposes:

  • active learning

  • self-assessment and enhanced critical thinking

  • collaboration and community

  • reduced instructor workload

  • customizable review criteria

Learn more in How to Launch Peer Review article.

Note: Before initiating a peer review activity, ensure you've created a specific assignment for Learners to complete.


Certificates are crafted to formally recognize learners' successful completion of a course. Learners have the option to download their certificates, share the direct link to them, and proudly showcase their achievements across various social media platforms..

Note: Learners will not see the certificate activity unless instructors have uploaded the certificate for them. This places the responsibility on instructors to determine the eligibility of Learners for certification.

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